Brad Pitt Desnudo

Ever since he appeared bare in Thelma and Louise, it has been the dream of thousands of women worldwide to see Brad Pitt desnudo. Brad’s hot body in pictures and film helped to propel the Hollywood superstar to be voted the sexiest man alive in 2004. Yet, the future of Brad Pitt desnudo will be nearly non-existent, as the actor has determined to no longer bare it all for his adoring fans.

The first time his fans caught a glimpse of Brad Pitt desnudo was in Thelma and Louise in 1991. That scene alone helped to put Brad ‘on the map of Hollywood’. Later films, such as ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford’ featured a nude bath scene. In 2005, Brad as Achilles showed skin in the hit movie, Troy. The final Brad Pitt desnudo scenes were with his current live in girlfriend Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

His status as a sex symbol culminated with the August 1997 issue of Playgirl (now a collector’s item, due partly to Brads lawsuit against publishing the photo’s) featuring a Brad Pitt desnudo spread. In more than 150 magazine photo shoots and cover pictures, Brad has shared his beautiful body with millions of fans worldwide. However in the November 29, 2007 People magazine, Brad declared, no more nude scenes. “I don’t want to be embarrassed when my kids get old enough to see my films.”

According to celebrity gossips the real reason Brad is shying away from nudity is that, they claim, Brad has lost his charm as a sex symbol. Further speculation claims that since he is 45 years old, any Brad Pitt desnudo pictures or scenes would not likely be well-received by his fans. Brad even admits in one interview, “I think it’s a younger person’s game.”

Recently, Brad has been moving his career more toward producing films instead of starring in them. Brad admitted that he does not believe he has too many more films in his future (in regards to acting), rather he is content in buying rights to produce movies as he makes his mark in the Movie Production world.

His shift to production will definitely eliminate any possible future Brad Pitt desnudo scenes. Nevertheless, thanks to the Internet, fans will always be able to find Brad Pitt desnudo in galleries, Hollywood gossip websites and through various fan websites and print magazines. However, current photographs and scenes in movies are highly unlikely.